Dr. Wright and Dr. Rodriguez gladly sees children of all ages, recommending an oral examination by the time they’re at least 1 year old. During their first appointment, we may not do a cleaning but may evaluate the mouth for any possible developmental defects or other problems, and advise parents on dental care.

This initial visit also introduces children to our office and staff. Before the appointment, let your child know what to expect, talking about dental care as a positive experience without using words such as “hurt, ” “pain” or “scary.” Prior to a child’s first appointment, he or she can accompany a parent or sibling to an appointment to become familiar with the office. Children who come in every six months are usually at more ease in the dental chair. Generally, our hygienist can do a cleaning by 3 years of age. We may also apply fluoride or take x-rays if necessary. By the time the child is age 1, you should establish good dental care habits at home. Dr. Wright and Dr. Rodriguez recommend that children take a fluoride supplement while their adult teeth are forming. She or your pediatric physician can write a prescription.

If your child gets regular care from a pediatric dentist, we recommend he or she begins seeing Dr. Wright and Dr. Rodriguez between 12 and 14 years of age. By this age, many children are ready to graduate to more advanced dental care and receive the up-to-date procedures recommended for permanent teeth. Long-term dental care and monitoring are essential for great dental health.