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Welcome to Advance Dental Arts Center! We provide personalized dental care utilizing modern dental technology.

The team at Advance Dental Arts Center is lead by Dr. Kim Wright. We are located in West Linn, Oregon and provide care for families located throughout the Portland metro including Lake Oswego, Oregon City, Gladstone, Milwaukee, Wilsonville and other areas. We pride ourselves in providing dental care with a thoughtful approach to partnering with individuals and their families. Every patient has a customized approach to achieve the best oral health care. We strive to live up to our name by providing the most advance dentistry with latest dental techniques to conveniently, comfortably, and safely preserve and restore your smile.

Not-so-basic approach to “general” dentistry

We appreciate that an attractive and healthy smile is built on a foundation of routine, preventive services. These services include professional dental cleanings and exams scheduled at least once every six months. Patients may require more frequent visits if they have risk factors for conditions such as gum disease and oral cancers. These risks include:

  • Smoking or use of tobacco products
  • Inconsistent oral hygiene at home
  • Comorbidities, such as diabetes, which impair your body’s natural defenses and healing
  • Genetic predisposition toward conditions like periodontitis (advanced gum disease)
  • Nutritional deficiencies
  • Diets high in starches and sugars
  • Behaviors such as teeth grinding (bruxism)

The team has invested in diagnostic technologies like the cone-beam computed tomography (CBCT) scanner. This technology renders numerous images of the oral cavity and associated structures from various angles in a matter of seconds. Using such sophisticated imaging allows us to pinpoint conditions early into the disease process before they produce symptoms or when the signs are so subtle that they may be ignored. During these proactive regular visits, we may also demonstrate cleaning techniques, hygiene products, and professional preventive services (like dental sealants to protect decay-prone back teeth) to address your unique needs.

Quality restorative care

We aim to resolve existing oral problems conservatively and promptly. Prompt care is associated with a more comfortable, fast, affordable, and non-traumatic experience. Tending precisely to issues early before the condition has progressed generally preserves maximum natural tissues – teeth, gums, supporting bone and money. An avid lifelong learner, Dr. Wright, is adept at the latest procedures and techniques that modern dentistry offers, from durable and conservative inlays and onlays to tooth replacement with dental implants.

The implant is a cylinder-shaped post, precisely positioned in the jawbone to replace a tooth root. Implants heal and join to surrounding bone to “root” or stabilize a single replacement tooth, several teeth, or an entire upper or lower arch of teeth in the jaw. A member of the American Academy of Orofaci Pain, Dr. Wright, also understands that your teeth and gums do not exist in isolation. They are connected to other structures, including the temporomandibular joints on either side of the face. With multi-faceted TMJ dysfunction therapies, she can resolve many painful conditions, including chronic migraines and jaw stiffness.

Stunning smile services

From fillings to crowns, dental restorations are as beautiful to look at as they are highly functional and robust. Still, other services, such as professional teeth whitening and veneers, are purely cosmetic. They are no less important, though, because, at Advance Dental Arts Center, we know that how you feel about your smile plays a critical role in your overall self-confidence and mental and emotional well-being. Depending on what we discuss with you and what we find during an examination at our practice, home whitening with custom-fit trays or in-office whitening may be in your future. Likewise, patients with cosmetic imperfections like gaps between their front teeth or chipped teeth may benefit from direct veneers (dental bonding with composite) or indirect veneers fabricated with dental ceramics like porcelain.

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the comprehensive, advanced services available at our practice. For the complete picture, schedule an appointment today! Call us at (503) 655-9300. We offer early morning and evening appointments for your convenience and credit financing to overcome any financial hurdles that may stand in the way of your healthiest, most brilliant-looking smile.

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Caring for patients and caring for our profession are her professional passions.

Dr. Kim Wright


Dr. Kim Wright

Dr. Wright grew up in Anchorage, Alaska and now live in the Pacific Northwest. Dr. Wright graduated from OHSU in Oregon. She agrees that being a lifelong learner is the best way to provide the best comprehensive care for patients. She prides herself in completing multiple continuing education events every year. Dr. Wright is a past MasterTrack Director for Oregon Academy of General Dentistry Program.

We seek to provide a relaxed and peaceful environment for patients.


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