Dental crowns:

The ultimate solution for damaged teeth

Advance Dental Arts Center

What are dental crowns?

A restorative treatment that rebuilds damaged teeth. These customized caps cover the visible part of the tooth, restoring its structure, function, and appearance.

Advance Dental Arts Center in West Linn, OR, based on your needs

Types of crowns offered by 

in West Linn, OR, based on your needs

Ceramics, ex. porcelain

Quality metals, ex. gold

A combination of both (PFM/porcelain-fused-to-metals)

The crown procedure

The tooth to be treated is numbed.

Decayed/ diseased tissue is removed, and the tooth is shaped for the crown

The tooth’s impression (model) is taken to prepare the permanent crown. (A temporary crown may be worn to protect the site and prevent reinfection.)

Once ready, slight adjustments are made to the crown before cementing it to the tooth

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