Start Early, Smile Bright!

Dr. Wright at Advance Dental Arts recommends an oral examination by age 1.

Ensure your child's oral health from the beginning!

Early checkups set the foundation for a lifetime of healthy smiles.

Familiar Faces, Happy Places!

Introduce your child to our friendly team at the first appointment. We assess for developmental issues, making dental care positive. Familiarize them with our office to create comfort in the dental chair.

Cavity-Free Smiles by Age 3

Regular visits every six months help kids acclimate, making cleanings comfortable by age 3. Our hygienists may apply fluoride and take x-rays if needed. Establish good dental habits at home by age 1.

Fluoride: A Friend for Little Teeth

Dr. Wright suggests fluoride supplements for strong adult teeth. Get a prescription from us or your pediatrician. Nourish your child's dental health from the start, ensuring a radiant smile.

Transition to Advanced Care

Transition to Dr. Wright around 12-14 years for children receiving pediatric dental care. Benefit from updated procedures for permanent teeth, ensuring a confident and healthy dental future.

Secure Your Child's Smile Journey

Long-term dental health begins with us. Schedule your child's appointment today for a lifetime of confident smiles.

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